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Beginning in 2009, select Polled (hornless) cows were Artificially Inseminated with Black and Red Angus semen straws, a first in the county of San Juan Bosco. All animals are humanely treated and raised in a stress free environment. They are all grass fed, and weekly given mineral salts mixed with chopped sugar cane, and a barley, corn, and wheat mixture.

All animals are slaughtered between 14-22 (GRADE A) months of age, maximizing tenderness and flavor.

No hormones, steroides or antibiotics are used; however, due to the presence of Bott fly in the area, small doses of Ivermectin or Doramerctin are used to control its prevalence, yet all beef animals are slaughtered at least 10 days post treatment.

A word on QUALITY BEEF production in Ecuador:

To help you understand why my product is different from anything else commercially available:

1) My farm is the only farm in the Cuenca area raising beef breeds (angus and Charolais, as opposed to milk cows, namely Holstein).

2) I am the only beef supplier controlling every aspect of the life cycle of the animal, from birth to plate.

3) High end butcher stores currently buy from the slaughter house in Cuenca, and have no real idea about how the animal was raised, use or irresponsible use of antibiotics and hormones, etc., common practices in cattle farming in Ecuador. The reality is these stores do not even know if it was a cow, a bull, the age, etc.

All beef is aged in a cold room for at least 3 weeks prior to butchering. Lamb is also aged at least 10 days. As you may know, this is the only way to obtain the tenderness, texture, and flavor that we expect from high quality beef. As you can see, producing quality meat is a long process, that goes far beyond the end cut.

Bulk Prices Available!

Deliveries will resume in September.  At this time, only Cuenca will be serviced.